You are the talented handler assigned to Agent X, the top field agent at Mi6. However, despite the supposed thrill of your job (and the tidy paycheck), you find yourself bored.

That is until X’s latest mission.

X is in Las Vegas, infiltrating the world-renowned Club Delirium, a suspected front for an international smuggling ring. But when things take a sudden and dangerous turn, you lose contact with your agent completely.

After X is disavowed, you take it upon yourself to use your considerable skills to track down your missing agent, and travel to Las Vegas with your flatmate and fellow handler.

Unfortunately for you, not only do you find X, but you and your flatmate manage to get dragged into a mission to save the world alongside X and a small team of agents.


  • Fully customisable MC (including name, code name, gender, pronouns, and appearance). Skills will include an affinity for technology, the ability to think on the fly even under pressure, and basic weapons and hand-to-hand combat training (all these skills can be developed based on your choices). 
  • There will be an option to play as transgender, asexual, and/or aromantic. You won’t lose any content by playing as ace/aro as sex/romantic scenes will be replaced by appropriate ones.
  • Romance one of six ROs including four agents, your flatmate, and the villain. You can also create meaningful platonic relationships with any of them (or all of them). One poly route planned.
  • Found family! 
  • Stop the most ridiculously convoluted plot you’ve ever heard and save the world!
  • Have some fun in Vegas (fun outfits and RO POVs? It’s more likely than you think)!
  • Light-hearted fun, with minimal angst to give both you and myself an escape.
  • Kind of inspired by the cracky spy vibe of the film Spy with Melissa McCarthy (no content was used).

Romance Options:

Kalan/Kalix/Kal | Agent X

[cis!m/cis!f/nb] English. The agent you were assigned to at MI6.  [Demisexual].

Amari/Amara/Ama | Agent Eushu

[cis!m/cis!f/nb] Nigerian. An agent assigned from the NIA. [Pansexual].

Reese | Agent Eleven

[cis!m/cis!f/nb] Japanese-American. An agent assigned from the CIA and the supposed team leader. [Pansexual].

Luisa | Agent Pérez 

[gender-locked cis!f] Spanish. An agent assigned from the NIC.  [Panromantic, Asexual].

Cody | Handler

[nb] Irish. Your fellow handler, and agency-assigned flatmate.  [Pansexual].

Noah | Villain

[cis!m/cis!f/nb] American.  [Pansexual].

Rating and Content Warnings:

Rated 18+ for violence, death (including murder), strong language, sexual content (including mentions of prostitution), dark humour (towards death), mild gore, mentions of past child abuse, kidnapping, and mentions of blood.

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(87 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Action
Made withTwine
TagsAdult, Comedy, Romance, spies, Twine

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mi6 has no jurisdiction in the u.s. (fbi would though!) but beside that little issue it's nice!

An interesting idea for a story, I will wait for the next update!


Love the character creator and how in-depth it is.

i came back bc i finally got notification aAAAAAAAAAAAAA IVE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG 😿

what bugged me though is that i can't customize the pronouns, even when i set my browser to the desktop site. like, if i try to edit it, it just wouldn't allow me. but other than that, the others are all good.

First off absolutely love the story. The writing is wonderful and i am so glad when i started following this project last year i actually got a update notification because God knows how rare that is in the interactive novel community where stories are just dumped like a bad one night stand. I digress tho. Thank u for amazing writing and i am so excited for more of it. 

I did want to mention what might be a bug. I don't know but I've restarted the game twice now because i set my characters pronouns and when i check them as soon as the opening writing starts it's perfect but as soon as we get introduced to Kalan it's somehow back to being They/Them which isn't something I'm personally comfortable with. I don't know if that's just a default or what. But i will go restart again. Maybe i just fucked up customization lol

Cool!! It's an extended prologue now :D

I love this already♥️♥️♥️



thank you for this… I need more tho 🌚 


That was super short but the premise itself is interesting. I'm interested in how the plot progresses and how the MC is handled.


Damn it's so good! Honestly there's not enough spy IFs, loved the writing and the dialogue between the characters, that cliffhanger though!!! I can't wait for more! 🖤 

Loved it.


God.. dammit… I WANT MORE-

It’s super good I didn’t expect it just to be the prologue :,)

Keep up the good work :D

this is so good!! please update soon I'm dying of curiosity keep it up!!:D

thank you so much! I hope to be able to update soon :)

already hooked! eagerly waiting to read more♥️

Ahh thank you so much!! <3


Nice cant wait to read more!

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thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed :)

(3 edits) (-1)

"playing as ace/aro as romantic scenes will be replaced by platonic ones."

I'm a bit confused by this. It makes sense for the aro option, but I would think the ace option would be more likely to replace sexual scenes, not romantic scenes.


Oh lol yeah, sorry that was a mix-up on my part!

I meant that an aro!mc will have less explicitly romantic scenes (more queer platonic), and that a sex-repulsed ace!mc will have different scenes to the sex scene (cuddling, etc...depending on other choices made).